Commute Fresh

Arrive on time. On budget. And stay fresh.

Commute Fresh

The Brief

The government of Jakarta asked us to design

a new way to help residents plan

their commute from one location

to another.




We interviewed 10 people and gather insights from them.

  • predictable and unpredictable commuting schedule
  • concern: arrive on time, good condition, and budget
  • popular public transportations are train and Transjakarta bus
  • public transportation often late and too crowded
  • we are focus on the predictable schedule


Nina Anisa

Nina is an Account Executive in digital agency in jakarta. Everyday she commutes from Bintaro to Sudirman using train, Transjakarta bus or Gojek, depends on the condition.

Her main concern is to arrive on time and in a good shape.

She also worried about security and travel cost.


By mapping the experience journey of our persona, Miss Nina Anissa, it’s noticeable that her pain points are the uncertainty of train schedule and much hassle during train-to-bus transit. Both giving her an unpleasant commute experience: possibility of arriving late topped with unfresh look.

We harvested a bunch of ideas to solve Nina’s fresh commute needs, from crowd monitoring video system to mirror in public places. After carefully evaluating each idea, we propose to create a mobile app whereby our persona can check real-time train information and get a recommendation of the best alternative transportation mode so that she can arrive on time, on budget and stay fresh. Voila, CommuteFresh v.0.1





Left - Right

Aurora - Winda - Toni - Yuni

2015 CommuteFresh. Proudly presented for Somia Academy UX Fundamental Class..